The First Week

The current build of Tyre looks as such:

It’s a little bit of an improvement visually over the last post, I suppose, but the real work went in under the hood. Some things to note:

  • The player character is now the one on the right, and the previous PC sprite has been demoted to NPC Placeholder #1.
  • You can’t tell, but the player is actually standing on the ground now. Previously he was just floating over the background, but now terrain collision detection has been implemented, which is a big step once actual levels start getting made.
  • The NPC class has been implemented. NPCs won’t play a major role in the game, but the player will run across them here and there, and they will (assuming they haven’t gone insane), be able to provide at least a small amount of useful information to the player.

I’ve also implemented the animation code and made a rough walking sprite strip for the player, It’s a bit choppy, but right now the code is what I’m concerned with:

Also also, I implemented the player aiming/shooting mechanic. It probably won’t actually come up much, but it works well enough. Press F to draw, aim with the mouse (oh and ignore the mismatched arm, it was made when the previous PC sprite was still being used. Ironically it’s now about to shoot him):

Besides all that, a lot of the background code for loading and creating levels/NPCs/etc has been made, so overall I’m rather happy with the progress so far. Next up on the bill is to code out the journal and reference system.

Don’t worry it’s only contagious if I breathe on you,


Currently reading: The Dunwich Horror



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