Stones and Souls

I got a little bit of ‘real’ work done, mainly fixing up the area loading code so it won’t implode any more. Huzzah for that. However, this post is mainly going to focus on the gameplay, and how you can expect a level in Tyre to play out (as always, remember that this is all just coder art and such, etc. etc.)

So first coming into a case, your first task will be to figure out exactly what the problem is.

You might have to walk around a bit too.


Explore around, find some interesting stuff, meet interesting people, etc:

"Help Help our town's an incomplete shithole!"

Once you find out that people are being brutally murdered by a giant snapping turtle (okay maybe not), or the town is being consumed by some Eldritch horror, or that time has frozen for everyone in the area, or any other manner of strange and horrific and exciting things, it’s time to figure out what to do about it.

First thing to do is explore around, and look for clues that can tell you what exactly is going on – weird unidentified objects, newspapers or diaries, clawprints, examining dead bodies – basically be a detective. Evidence that you can carry you’ll be able to store in your inventory to reference later. Other evidence that can’t be carried, like a footprint or a strange noise coming from that cave over there – you’ll be able to note down in your journal.

As you gather evidence, it’s time to piece it all together. Besides simply using all of the evidence together to figure things out, your biggest resource will be your detective’s journal. Besides allowing you to take notes, your journal is also a massive collection of evidence from your character’s past. It will be fully searchable, so, for example, say you found several people who’s hearts all simply stopped.  Search for “heart” and “stop”, and (amongst other entries perhaps), you might find this, a diary from a detective in the past (click to view full size of course):


It'll be up to you to determine what best fits the evidence of course.


Once you’ve figured out what it is you’re looking for, research further with your journal to figure out what you need to do to destroy it. This will most likely involve exploring your surroundings for tools or materials that you will need for the process (i.e. if you’re looking for a vampire you might want to find a piece of wood).

Along with that, you will also have four tools of your own: three magical objects and an ordinary gun. The magical objects are your Setyr Stone, Menson Stone, and Sevant Soul. Each of the magical tools has it’s own abilities, and most importantly will be modified and enhanced when combined with other objects and substances from your environment.

The Setyr Stone is, ironically, an offensive tool without an attack of it’s own. Together with your gun, it allows you to enhance and change the properties of your bullets to match your target. On it’s own this will just shoot a ‘magic’ bullet- assuming your target is immune to regular bullets it might stun or wound them, but it’ll really only serve to allow you to get away. The Setyr Stone’s real power comes when other objects are placed in it. Say, for example, you’re hunting a soul sucking creature that can only be harmed by the blood of its victims. Rather than carry around a bucket of freshly drained blood and hoping you have the aim of a PETA protester, pour a vial of it into the Setyr stone and now your gun’s bullets will possess their power. Yay!

Correspondingly, the Menson stone is your defensive tool. Basically the same thing as the Setyr Stone, it normally casts a thing shield around you that can protect your from light damage, but putting the right items in will  modify the shield, making you a damned formidable opponent.

The Sevant Soul will light your way, but you won't be able to gain the benefits of the Setyr or Menson Stones with it equipped

Finally, the Sevant Soul is simply a tool. On it’s own it essentially serves as a lantern, lighting the area around you (which will definitely be necessary at times). However it can also serve as a guiding light – if you can get your hands on a piece of the being you’re hunting (no small task of course), the Sevant Soul will lead you right to it. There are numerous other possibilities that can crop up with it, so be sure to experiment!

So, with all of this knowledge, it’s time to make a plan, gather what resources you need, hunt down your target, and take it down. I have no cool art for this, because I’m a noob. Just imagine something awesome for me.

Well, that about wraps up this post. My plan for tomorrow is to do what I should have done today on the inventory screen (this whole blog thing actually takes a lot of time, who would have thought!). That includes making some placeholder graphics for all the items and getting it arranged in the code so that it’s usable. If I have time, I’d like to start on the click menu for the inventory screen as well – click on an item, and it will give you options like combine, view, information, etc. So that’s it, see you tomorrow!


I Saw a Ray,



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