Minor Daily Update #1: In Which Things are Drawn, Poorly

Hit a massive bout of depression/anxiety today, and barely got anything accomplished after work. I was about to just start drinking myself into a coma for the night when I figured I should at least do something, so I made up some ultra simple inventory art for the three stones and coded up the inventory display:

The desaturated brown and white was going for a kind of hand-drawn pencil type style, which I’d like most of the journal to maintain. As I write this however, I realize that a grid style system is terrible for what the inventory system is primarily used for – keep track of evidence. I think a book style where each item occupies a page in a pad would be a better idea.

However, I can barely concentrate, so onwards to the alcohols.


Also, up on the block for the rest of the week:

-Get Journal/reference system up and running
-figure out organization, and how the book will browse
-figure out searching system and UI
-maybe rework inventory into book style mentioned above
-get some coder art going so I can actually start working on making levels and actually playing the game



All I can think is how you’ll be first to be eaten,



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