Minor Daily Update #3: Books Are for Nerds

Implemented the book selection screen for the reference system. This will allow you to access the journal, which contains notes and evidence and such collected through the player character’s rather long career up to the present (this will definitely be used when solving current cases), the notepad, which contains notes the player him/herself has taken, and then other reference material, some of which will be very useful, some of which is more on the ‘fluff’ side of things.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • code up the notepad, to allow the player to take/store notes
  • code up the search function, to allow the player to do keyword searches across all of the reference material, or just a specific source.

On another, completely unrelated note, I am currently completely addicted to trance music, and may just die in an explosion of pure happiness, butterflies, and glowstick liquid.



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