Ludum Dare Warmup #1

LD warmup weekend was kind of a fail, but I spent last night and basically all of today working on a tile-based puzzle/platformer engine and level creator(something I’d not actually attempted oddly enough). The game’s currently called A.B, and the core mechanic is that there’s two worlds the player (or players) is in simultaneously, which are similar but not identical in layout, and are able to affect each other. Thus the player has to coordinate their avatar in each world to make sure both can make it through.

Well, that’s the idea anyways. I’ve spent most of the time just trying to get all the mechanical things working, as the main goal here was the engine, not the game itself. The level creator came out  quite well actually, though it still needs a bit more functionality. The game itself is still really rough – collision detection can be a real bitch some times.

Woo coder art:

Boxes everywhere,



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