Art and Rewrites

I updated the art a bit for Circumactio, giving it a softer ‘painting’ look that I’m kind of aiming for. It was a very quick job and still falls under the ‘coder art’ category, but it’s closer to how I want things to look:

In other news however, I’ve decided to scrap the code for the prototype and rewrite from the ground up. There’s quite a few major bugs due to the shitty coding, and I’d rather rewrite a better system than try to patch up the current one and be dealing with problems at every turn. I’m sure the rewrite will have it’s share of issues as well, but it will at least be a bit more robust.

I also desperately need a better name for this thing than ‘Circumactio’. It sounds like a knock-off Harry Potter spell.

‘Tis a rainy day in Paris,



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