Ha ha disregard me

So I started to rewrite Circumactio, got about twenty minutes in to it, and realized it was a terrible idea and that I should just work from the prototype. And so today, that’s what I did, and I was actually really productive. I added in music capabilities (currently using Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie, though that will have to change for release obviously), menus with mouse support, and content loading to allow the player to change skins/music before the round. I also fixed a problem with the physics where the stack wouldn’t speed up after clearing a chain of balls, added a spawning algorithm to the balls so the spawn rates increase as the game progresses, and added the lose condition. Basically, it’s actually a game now, and not just a prototype! A very, very rough game, but a game nonetheless.

Up on the bill tomorrow is fixing a bug where balls that don’t have a connection to the core after a chain is cleared will still remain in place. I also started working on the animation code today, so I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow as well.

 You are the sun, the rain, and the moon beams



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