Minor Daily Update #6

Added in descriptions to the inventory screen, so all of the code for that is now done for the foreseeable future. Whoo.


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Minor Daily Update #5

Did more notetaking stuff today – turns out XNA is a real bitch when it comes to coding text entry. I still can’t get the backspace key to work properly, so type carefully. However, the notes can be saved/loaded, and the text wraps so it doesn’t run off the page. Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

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Minor Daily Update #4

Lazy sunday was lazy, but I got a bit of work done on both the searching and notetaking stuff. I don’t have work tomorrow cause it’s labor day, so I plan on devoting all day to Tyre-related development (it’s totally not going to happen I’m sure).

Infiltrating my way through the system ,


Minor Daily Update #3: Books Are for Nerds

Implemented the book selection screen for the reference system. This will allow you to access the journal, which contains notes and evidence and such collected through the player character’s rather long career up to the present (this will definitely be used when solving current cases), the notepad, which contains notes the player him/herself has taken, and then other reference material, some of which will be very useful, some of which is more on the ‘fluff’ side of things.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • code up the notepad, to allow the player to take/store notes
  • code up the search function, to allow the player to do keyword searches across all of the reference material, or just a specific source.

On another, completely unrelated note, I am currently completely addicted to trance music, and may just die in an explosion of pure happiness, butterflies, and glowstick liquid.


That Pesky ‘Real Life’ Business

No update today, I’m busy packing shit up to move into my new apartment tomorrow morning. WOOO MOVING

Minor Daily Update #2

Got some basic functionality going: pages render and (very importantly) can be easily added from my side, and you can flip through the book by clicking the left or right page to turn in that direction.

Journal to-do:

  • Allow player to change books – i.e. notebook, reference journal, other separate reference books. Shouldn’t be too hard, it’s pretty much just an added layer to the current code.
  • Allow the player to enter notes into the notebook, and possibly add notes to the reference materials. (definitely more challenging, but very do-able)
  • I think that’s it.


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Minor Daily Update #1: In Which Things are Drawn, Poorly

Hit a massive bout of depression/anxiety today, and barely got anything accomplished after work. I was about to just start drinking myself into a coma for the night when I figured I should at least do something, so I made up some ultra simple inventory art for the three stones and coded up the inventory display:

The desaturated brown and white was going for a kind of hand-drawn pencil type style, which I’d like most of the journal to maintain. As I write this however, I realize that a grid style system is terrible for what the inventory system is primarily used for – keep track of evidence. I think a book style where each item occupies a page in a pad would be a better idea.

However, I can barely concentrate, so onwards to the alcohols.


Also, up on the block for the rest of the week:

-Get Journal/reference system up and running
-figure out organization, and how the book will browse
-figure out searching system and UI
-maybe rework inventory into book style mentioned above
-get some coder art going so I can actually start working on making levels and actually playing the game



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